Complete Your Athletics Registration Online!



Please read  and follow these steps carefully to be fully registered. 

IMPORTANT:  You are only registered once ALL steps are completed.



Step 1: Athletes must have a current sports qualifying physical exam on file in the Nurses' Office.  Physicals are good for 1 year from date of your last physical.  You can get the blank Physical Form here.

Physical form must be submitted to the Nurse by: 

Fall: August 1st

Winter: November 1st (Ice Hockey, Swimming, Bowling) - Winter November 15th (All other Winter Sports)

Spring: February 14th All Spring Practice Begin March 2nd


If the athlete participated in a Fall/Winter/Spring this year  and have a current physical on file in the nurse's office (the physical date must be within one year of the start date for that sport) you DO NOT need a new physical.  Please print and submit the Health History Update Form instead .

Once the physical form or health history update form is completed, you can turn it into the school nurse. Any Questions Call the Nurses at (973) 317-2020 or 2021 or email at Jdaly@wayneschools.com or Cathy Eck eck@wayneschools.com

Once the season has started you may also contact the Trainer Gary Maiella at gmaiella@wayneschools.com.




Step 2:  Click the icon to register

Online Registration Open: 

Fall: June 15th                                   Winter: October 15th                         Spring: January 11th