Complete Your Athletics Registration Online!



Please read  and follow these steps carefully to be fully registered. 

IMPORTANT:  You are only registered once ALL steps are completed.



Step 1:    All students must be registered for EACH SEASON on the Athletics Registration site found on the Wayne Hills High School Page or waynehills.rschoolteams.com/# You can get the blank Physical Form here.


Please read and follow the instructions carefully to be fully registered.  You are only registered once ALL sections are completed.  

IMPORTANT:  The username and password you set up is for all family members.  Please be sure to record your username and password for future registrations.  

Physical form must be submitted to the Nurse by: 

  • Fall Sports:  July 23rd
  • Winter Sports: October 31st (Ice Hockey, Swimming, Bowling) - Winter November 15th (All other Winter Sports)
  • Spring Sports: February 14th All Spring Practice Begin March 2nd

Step 2: Determine what forms must be submitted:

  • Pre-participation Evaluation Forms:  In order to be cleared to participate in any season the student must have a current physical exam on file in the health office.  The physical exam record must be completed on the 4th page.  Physicals are considered current from the date of the exam, not the date the paperwork is signed by the doctor. 
  • Health History Update Questionnaire:  Is required for EACH season of athletics if a current physical exam record is on file in the health office.  The health history update form is a snapshot of your child's health since the last physical exam.  This form cannot be dated more than 90 days prior to the start of the sport.  The Health History Update form is not required if a new physical is being submitted.  

Step 3:  Opioid Use and Misuse Educational Fact Sheet.  It is now required that the Opioid Use and Misuse Educational Fact Sheet must be distributed to all student-athletes and registrants.  A signed acknowledgement of receipt of the fact sheet must be submitted from each student-athlete.  For students under the age of 18, the parent or guardian must also sign.   The Opioid Sign Off Form is required to be submitted to the Health Office on an ANNUAL basis.  This form is needed only once per school year.

Step 4:  Submit all forms and documentation to the health office.  The nurses will review the forms and if the online registration is complete and the correct documentation has been submitted a parent/guardian will be sent a "Clearance Card" by email.   

Step 5:  Impact Baseline Test:  All student-athletes effective July 1, 2018 are required to take an online concussion Baseline test.  Information is in the registration packet and will be provided by the athletic training staff.  

Once the physical form or health history update form is completed, you can turn it into the school nurse. Any Questions Call the Nurses at (973) 317-2020 or 2021 or email at Ms. Jdaly@wayneschools.com or Ms. Cathy Eck ceck@wayneschools.com

Once the season has started you may also contact the Athletic Trainers: Mr. Gary Maiella at gmaiella@wayneschools.com or Mr. Andrew Potts at apotts@wayneschools.com . 




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Online Registration Open: 


Fall: July 23rd          Winter: October 31st  (Ice Hockey, Oct. 20th)         Spring: February 14th